Infineon TLE9844 — 2QX ARM MCU 汽车应用方案时间:2020-09-19 10:39:14 作者:Infineon 来源:中电网Infineon公司的TLE9844-2QX是集成了 ARM? Cortex?-M0微控制器和继电器驱动器,高边开 关丄IN收发器和电源系统,它的外设包括有13个复接模拟输入的10位ADC,能处理多达5个 高压监视输入,6个低压输入和2个用于检测电池电压和设备电源的高压输入.还包括有用于 电压和温度监测的7个复接输入8位ADC.主要用在汽车窗户提升,顶棚,雨刷,电扇和电泵,泵 马达控制和LIN地址继电器马达.本文介绍了 TLE9844-2Q主要优势和框图,应用电路及其材料 清单,以及应用评估板TLE9844-2QX Appkit主要特性,概念图和电路图,以及PCB设计图和元件 分布图.The TLE984x product family integrates an ARM? Cortex?-M0 microcontroller core along with relay drivers, high side switches, LIN transceiver and a power supply system that enables the device to operate at the vehicle battery level.Its peripheral set includes a 10-bit ADC with 13 multiplexed analog inputs to process up to 5 high-voltage mon itoring in puts, 6 low-voltage in puts and 2 high-voltage in puts for sensing the battery voltage and the supply of the device ? It further in eludes an 8?bit ADC with 7 multiplexed in puts for voltage and temperature super vision. Its digital peripherals include a PWM signal gen erator unit and 16?bit timers along with a nu mber of gen eral purpose I/Os (serial in terfaces and UARTs). It in eludes an on-chip lin ear voltage regulator to supply exter nal loads.The TLE984x family concept offers scalability in terms of flash memory sizes ranging from 36 kB to 64 kB with pin-compatible devices. It is specifically designed to drive a wide range of LIN-slave motor control automotive applications via a relay or via a PN MOSFET half-bridge, such as window lifts, sun roofs, wipers, electric fans and pumps to name a few.TLE9844-2Q主要优势:Enable cost and board space improvements - our system-on-chip solution integrates data processing, actuation and sensing. The chip comes in a leadless VQFN package with 7x7 mm footprint and enables PCB space saving.The TLE984x family allows driving relays and MOSFETs at VBATT $ 6 V without external components, providing a very cost effective solution on a system level.En abli ng high levels of system reliability 一 exte nsive diag no sties and protectio ns are embedded within the system?on?chip, more than a discrete approach can offer」n addition both the Embedded Power IC and the external MOFESTs can be protected?Support multiple and flexible desig ns with minimal effort - all TLE984x devices are pin and software compatible, maximizing a single design through scalability.TLE9844-2Q主要特性:ARM? Cortex?-MO MCUSystem clock up to 40 MHzUp to 64 kB flash memoryUp to 4 KB RAMHigh-side and low-side switches with PWM capability5 V power supply outputIntegrated LIN transceiver compatible with LIN standard 2.2 and SAE J2602-supports fast programming via LINMeasurement unit:8?bit ADC with 7 channels for voltage and temperature supervision10-bit ADC with 13 cha nnels (6 an alog inputs, 5 HV monitor in puts and battery sen se)On chip temperature and battery voltage measurementOn-chip oscillator and PLLAEC-Q100 qualifiedTLE9844-2Q 应用:Window liftSun roofWiperElectric fansElectric pumps
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InfineonTLE9844 QXARMMCU 汽车 应用 方案
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