replenishment is just an option of a way to deliver the parts to production line. However, no one can adapt to all the production situations. They all have their respective advantages and disadvantages. How to comprehensively consider all factors, it is concluded that the optimization of replenishment methods or replenishment method combination, became the problem the enterprises had to face.Many scholars had made their research in this field. They studied those replenishment methods: batch supply, kanban supply, kitting supply and sequence supply. Most of the literature used the internal indicators as a measure of the factory. These indicators include: number of artificial, material types and volume of the container, material operating times, assembly operation walking distance and time, the line space, etc. However, how to consider these factors or how these factors are integrated into a single index to evaluate the replenishment system has always been a difficult problem?Which is proposed in this thesis is different from most of the views of literatures.it converted the above important evaluation factors into a single evaluation index ? the cost to comprehensive evaluation of replenishment planning.This thesis adopts the following analysis. First of all, the whole procurement process decomposition for such as the following process, including: material warehousing process, packing process again, shelves, picking processes, distribution and assembly processes? Then, analysis of the above all the material flow and information flow of the process, record all the artificial cost used with machinery and equipment depreciation, and consider the cost of space occupied. Then on this basis, application of job analysis, the establishment of the whole process cost calculation model based on each type of material. The model can calculate and display the existing production conditions, arbitrary combination of replenishment method, replenishment cost and assembly cost. Finally, adopt the cost calculated by the model as evaluation index of the replenishment system, and through cost optimization to find the optimal replenishment planning?Finally, this thesis analyzes the existing replenishment design principle by taking M company for example, pointed out the shortages of the scheme? And two new methods for replenishment: optimal proportion method and optimal cost method were designed base on the cost calculation model. The optimal proportion method proved the conclusion that the kanban replenishment method has advantages on the cost of replenishment. However, the optimal proportion method also had its limitations. The Optimal cost method could quantify analyze the influence of different replenishment methods to replenishment cost, assembly cost and space cost. And also this method could reduce the operation cost by selecting the optimal replenishment methods.KEY WORDS: Replenishment methods, kanban supply, kitting supply,Sequence supply目录摘要 IV
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