课题Part A Let's talk & Let's play 设计者 Ma Lingqiao教学 目标1. Learn the names: Mike、Chen Jie> Miss White> Wu Yifan> Sarah> John^ Mr Black> Bai Ling2. Learn the words “HellcT "HiT “goodbye',Enable the students to use these words well.3- Learn the pattern "Hello/Hi,I,m.Enable the students to use the pattern well.4. Emotion aims: To love English and to say English bravely.教学 重难 卢Key point: Hello! Fm ?…Difficult point: speak English bravely.教学 准备Some cases, word-cards, tape, video教学预设Step 1: Greetings and Warm up1. Introduce myself: Hello. Pm Miss Zhang. Nice to meet you.2. Can you say English?Let them to say: Hello! Nice to meet you. Goodbye, etc. Step 2: Presentation1. Present the words “Hello" and “Hi".T: Hello, boys and girls.S: Hello.(Lead the students to answer with "HelkT and write it on the blackboard.)T: Fm your English teacher, you can call me Miss Zhang, OK?Do the greeting again.T: There is another way to say greeting to me is the word “Hi"(write it on the blackboard.) t4Hello^, and "Hi” could be used alternately.Do the greetings with some students.2. Games for practice(Learn the names: Mike^ Chen Jie^ Miss White> Wu Yifan> Sarah> John^ Mr Black> Bai Ling and give the name cards to some students in different groups.)T: Remember your names then Fll call you Jf I call you, you should stand up and say "Hello/Hi, Fm../' (write it on the blackboard.)(First time use the names on the card, second time practice with their real names)二次备课记录 教 学 预 设ndL d 濒迅 mueAv TV 9 y > 3 u a b\\n oe ry ? V rA ‘ d sec y,tulvetot rsskn;n;iclathethet山 d 】 1 n r?kJ? d" ? IX u 0im/eaguellhellHioncmkdequXettoguress 9 b /ua — p d 】 1 / < IM k ? 9 QJ -1^ ? 11 u IkA 、?V yr 飞 ZY ■ ■二一 d】 ikeHiaphorMwsalacnsthedtinMngureByBytextudththng lldndehetleellellissellrrcallsenFear应bybythe)lgtes ouanicDtthHeHeMHeMforp^esGhe-pe.)dbdbtothyeinghe glloraticnt:lloHlloHlloHmerepHelthgGOGOmeadeBstedrn "eptelcare.he.he.ha^ue :\f山 s c oxyisea owH3JSraAHHHHHHG(p)seT(AMheT&CLJbelLe r:叭steLZ3.取zhoot^et父300曲』 Tss ctg c V作业设计、 、 、12 3板书设计p3m zig enn h(h c J ete 山 L kra SMS?? XIm n I HeHi.教学反思 课题Part A Let's learn Lets chant 设计者 Ma Lingqiao教学 目标L Be able to listen, say and read the words: pencil, ruler, eraser, crayon.2. Be able to read and say the sentences: I have a/an .... And make a simple talk3. Be able to read the ballad with rhythm.4. Be able to sing the song: Hello.教学 重难 点Teaching Importance:1. Listen, say and read the words: pencil, ruler, eraser, crayon.2. Sentence structures: I have a ?…Teaching Difficulties:1. Pronunciation of crayon and eraser2. Using of a/an in the sentences-教学 准备tape recorder, teacher cards教学预设Step 1 Warming up1. Sing the song: Hello.2. Game: Stand up/ Sit down.3. Greetings with each other in groups.T: Hello. I'm .... S: Hi, I'm .... T: Bye.T-S act, then Ss work in pair and act.4. Game: To get one S's eyes closed. Let him/
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