重点短语含义课文例句 well也students from other schools send us stories as well…so that…因此,以便,以至于…you have to whistle so that the other pirates know you're there.a few一些(可数名词复数)…and after a few minutes …a group of...一群......Hawaii is a group of islands in the Pacific.a lot很多(副词词组)I read a lot.a lot of很多lots of很多adj(形容词)+enough足够(怎么样)When it was big enough…all the time(在某段时间内)一直You have to follow my orders all the time.answer to…的答案How do you know the answers to so many questions?around the word=all over the world全世界things that happen in our city, in our country and around the worldas usual和往常一样 as+adj.原级+as和...一样 ask sb. to do sth.要求某人做某事They sent me an email asking me to be on the least至少…but you must have at least one afraid of......害怕......They're more afraid of different from与……不同Kieron's life has been very different from most children'sbe good at sth./doing sth.擅长某事;擅长做某事His grandma was very good at making jambe happy with…对…满意Mr. Feary was happy with Dr. Kind's interested in...对...感兴趣a lot of people were interested in reading Student Talkbe late for sth.做某事迟到You mustn't be late for your on the show上节目Why do you want to be on this show?be sold被售出they were all sold in less than two hoursbe worried about...=worry about...担心.........but isn't worried about them.become rich变得有钱who have become rich and famous very quicklybegin/start to do sth开始做某事He saw a rabbit and began to run after it.#NAME?  by the age of 到几岁的时候and by the age of 13, she has already made a million the sea在海边Life by the seacontinue to do sth.继续做某事After that, she continued to sell necklaces very quickly.decide to do sth决定做某事They dicided to look for a secret tunnel... don't have to do sth.不必做某事You don't have to eat all your food.enough + n.(名词)足够的…(不可数名词/可数名词复数)enough water/treesenter competition参加比赛She enters competitions all around the world.feel strongly about... 对...感觉强烈Children and teenagers often feel strongly about what's happening in the worldfind out…发现They found out that these paintings were over 17,000 years old.first of all首先,第一First of all, everyone must do what I say.follow the rules/orders遵循规则/听从命令…these are the rules which you must follow on my ship./You have to follow my orders all the time.for + 一段时间长达......She had lived on Maui for 20 years.for example比如,例如for example, how to start a companyforget doing sth. 忘记已经做的事I forget putting my keys in the bag. I can't find it now.forget to do sth. 忘记要做某事Mr. Feary forgot to call Dr Kind…four times a day一天四次You must take one four times a day. get up起床You must get up at 6am every morning…get+adj.变得……and you'll get very wet.go for walks=go for a walk散步You should go for walks in the park.go out外出
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